Wifi Hacking Tools Collection

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Wifi Hacking Tools Collection

These are a set of tools for wifi hacking using rogue access points, released as part of a Defcon 26 talk and maintained by @singe.

Rogue AP

The core of the rogue access point toolkit.

  • hostapd-mana
  • Wiki
  • eaphammer - an alternative implementation, with many of mana’s capabilities as well as many more, and a simple command line interface. By @s0lst1c3. There is also a comprehensive wiki
  • hostapd-wpe - the aircrack maintained original hostapd-wpe patch. Tracks upstream hostapd faster.


A fork of the create_ap tool to configure common access points modes and their networking by @_cablethief. Supports most of mana’s capabilities.

EAP Relay

Relay EAP authentication to get authenticated without cracking MSCHAPv2 by @_cablethief.


The defacto PitM tool, built by @evilsocket, and the replacement for the now deprecated mana-toolkit scripts.


Practise without needing hardware or breaking the law.

  • katacoda Free online interactive training scenarios
  • shinai-fi Docker image of the same scenarios

Frequency Hacking

Avoid local regulatory restrictions on wifi frequencies.